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Hi Angelo,

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us tour your kennel. We were impressed with your work and you should be very proud of it. You gave us a lot to think about and how we can go forward with our kennel.

Thanks Angelo and we wish you the best of successes with your kennel.



I have worked for several kennels,veterinarians and groom shops, your design makes so much sense its a wonder I've never seen it before now, the cleanliness of your kennel is evident. I will be contacting you very soon as I plan out the design of my own boarding facility!

Visitor Comments
Hi Angelo,

I am about to start my own kennels, building from scratch, as you did. I live in Queensland in Australia, in a forest of tall gum trees with lots of rainfall and without much flat ground. Soon I will have my own kennel design finished, but when I saw your u-tube tonight, I also saw essential modifications that I must make to my own design. I wish to express my thanks to you for your invaluable, yet freely given advice. If only there were more people like you. Peace brother.

Chris from qld


My name is Lisa and I live in Australia.

I have really enjoyed watching your youtube videos on the contruction of your boarding kennels.

Congratulations on your kennel construction by the way.

I am really interested in your waste managment system, I think it's a great idea opposed to the more traditional kennel methods which I find outdated also. We are required to use an ecomax system however getting rid of waste within the actual kennel is still via channels with large amounts of water. This is a problem especially for Australia, with limited water resources.

I currently breed Dobermanns and am looking to build a kennel here in Western Australia. We are about to purchase a property and I am currently looking into the best method of kennel construction as I would like to have a very clean, high comfort, low stress building.

I know you must be busy with your kennels and other enquiries but I would love to hear more about your waste management ideas or any advice you may like to offer prior to me making any decisions.

In closing, thank you for sharing your ideas and the process of building your kennels.

Warm regards, Lisa
My first job was working at a boarding kennel in 1966 and I have been in dogs ever since. I've seen many kennels and owned my own grooming business. I've never seen anything so inovative and sanitary. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.
Hi Angelo,

I've been an avid follower of your kennel videos and am now in the process of designing our own kennel using some of your principals. I'm really curious about your waste management system. We live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, about 30 minutes from upper New York State.

Keep up the fantastic work. I may do similar videos on my build as I have found yours to be inspirational.

Hola Angelo,
My name is Cindy, I live in Costa Rica (born and raised in Texas). I have just been approved for my boarding kennel. I will be using your waste management system. The vet with the gov't agency that approves and registers kennels was very impressed with your video design. My question is do you have a sketch of the system (mainly just the "box" design) that you can scan and email me? I would be happy to pay for it.
Thank you for the ideas and inspiration from your videos. 
Tierras Morenas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
My name is Monty. My wife, Shelley & I are trying to make a difference in western China at one of their agricultural/veterinary schools. When we first arrived the school’s dogs were kept in relatively dismal conditions. We have been able to convince the administration that they need to improve their animal facilities (for many reasons). In so doing, I was searching the internet and found your video series on the construction of your kennel – well done. I just finished showing the dean of the vet tech program and the dean of the animal husbandry program your videos and explained the significance of the many things you mention. If you are willing to share any other ideas you have with us that would be perfect. We have gathered some other references, e.g. Mississippi State University’s Vet Dept. has graciously donated their dog kennel plans to us. Our school (Qinghai Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College) has a plan already for their building but we, my wife & I, want to make sure that they get the internal aspects correct for the dogs’ comfort, sanitation and health. The climate here is a bit like Colorado Springs’, maybe even like Prescott, AZ. We too are a high desert area (9,000 ft.) that is very cold in the winter (single digits to mild in the summer, 70’s). Water conservation is also a big deal here. Again, thanks for sharing your insights and journey on the web – it was very well done and has made a difference beyond the US.

Appreciate your time reading this.


Monty & Shelley
Hi Angelo,

Having come across your videos on YouTube, I have to say that I'm very impressed with your waste management system. Your forethought and attention to detail is most refreshing.

My interest is in working gundogs and I'm planning to build a kennel at our new home when we move next year. I am so taken by your waste management system that I plan to build something similar.

What I would like to ask you, if you wouldn't mind is; how did you manage to form the concrete into the design we see on your video, and then replicate it faithfully again and again in each bay.

I look forward to hearing from you.

​Kind regards,

I just looked at your web site...what a great facility you have built..and your passion and interest in the dogs is evident!! we look forward to getting there....ready to start our new life, and know our dog is safe and cared for while we get settled in....thanks Angelo....Sharon


First of all, let me say that I have much admiration for your design and construction abilities of your kennels. They appear to be so well thought out and efficient. I am especially interested in the design of the waste management boxes. 

My wife began her kenneling business about three years ago that has really grown. We are now in the planning stages for constructing a building. I am doing pre planning research to create the most efficient kennel possible. Here in Louisiana, air conditioning is a major factor so now I am deciding on the best insulation material. Would you be willing to share the specs. on your waste management boxes?  There are hundreds of construction questions I could burden you with but I know you have better things to do.

Thanks and have a good day.


Good evening Angelo

My name is Kwame I live in Ghana,West Africa.I just spoke to you not quite long about construction of kennel assistance.I have really fallen in love with your type kennel espercially its construction and the waste management concept.

I will be very pleased if assistance can be offered in a form of video or reading material to enable me construction your type of kennel with the concept in mind.

Thank so much and will be glad if my request can be responded as soon as possible.

Thanks again


 I really admire the genius in the design and the hard work you have put in your project, you really deserve all of our respect, your kennel is a perfect model and shall be taught, it sets new standards for kennel building and waste management.

 I wanted more clarification about the partition walls and the drain pipes please. 

wish you the best of luck and waiting for your reply

 Kind Regards,

Thank you and Greetings! 

My name is Marcus. I'm a retired Air Force and disabled veteran. 
  I have been working with working dogs, service animals and rehabilitating Rescue animals. This past year 2011, my pack and I were blessed with working, training, desensitizing, and rehabilitating over 570 animals and placed forever homes.
 We assist and volunteer in our counties Animal Services Center in Smithfield, NC. I complete and evaluate all the Centers animals for temperment and rehab training.
 Your desensitizing video gave me some new ideas for my distraction and sound / object training.
 We have been looking for property and acreage to build a new home and facility to start our own (501c3) Animal Rescue.
 I am very interested in some of your ideas and designs for our kennel area and exercise runs during training. Have you patented or copyrighted any of your designs?? I would like to discuss further any help you may sugggest or allow us to possibly use when building our kennels.
 As a veteran, we visit our local Veterans hospital and mental health clinics weekly, meeting and improving the health of our serving or retired veterans.
 Our ranch vision, would allow veterans, special needs children, young adults, and companion animals, an outlet to exercise; burn off energy to be a more balanced, engaging, and understand pack leadership.
 I have dedicated my life since 2009, to this cause and vision with the help and support of my wife. We want a place for families to be able to come and allow their animals to dogs, veterans to feel welcome and understood, and special needs children / families to feel accepted; not worrying about judgement or embarassment. 
 My pack has allowed me to heal and continue to keep myself grounded, along with my Faith daily.
 I welcome any input or ideas you might have, and would like to email or discuss further.

 Thank you for your inspiring videos and information you have provided.

 Marcus  (Air Force Veteran)
 CDT, CCDT, CGC Evaluator, and Animal Rehabilitation

Hi there,
 I am a veterinarian that currently has added an adoption center to our facility. I noticed your great kennel design. I am currently looking to build a brand new facility for the hospital day care/Boarding rescue use. I was wondering where you are located? I also was wondering the approx raw cost for each kennel you built?
 Dr Tia 
 Westminster Veterinary Group and WAGS.

Ive been following your videos on youtube and was wondering if you would be willing to share information regarding the design/construction of your kennel. I am currently in the process of planning a commercial dog kennel in North Carolina. 

Your videos have a wealth of incredibly valuable information, which I appreciate you sharing with everyone. I have found it somewhat hard to find contractors that are familiar with the type of building required for a kennel operation (cinder block with a traditional roof truss). Would you happen to have any rough plans that you would be willing to share? I am really concerned about proper drainage. The thought of an improperly poured slab really scares me! Your system for waste management seems to be very efficient and effective. Are you willing to share the design and materials? I want to be able to provide my contractor with a very clear plan.

I understand that you are likely very busy, anything that you would feel comfortable/willing to share would be appreciated.


Justin and Jessica 
Good day Mr. Lombardi

I would like to know more I have been watching your videos and was quite impressed by your structures and different techniques you use .My name is Zamaziya  a Son of Africa (South Africa) .

I have been doing some research into how I can build reliable ,Safe, Healthy and stress relieving boarding place for dogs as my love for dogs has attracted a number of people who would be more than happy to render services of that nature .i would like to know if I can get any more detailed web site that maybe you know of that can assist me in answering a few question I have about The business behind Boarding and actual structures.

Your response will be highly appreciated

Dear Angelo Lombardi,

Hi, I am Kangmoo  from South Korea.

I am working for a commercial company that trains dogs.

We are impressed with your video clips of building kennel using your waste management box system through Youtube.com. I would like to get more information on this.

Please let me have your advice.



Production manager
We are in the process of building our boarding / training kennel and came across your sanitation system. LOVE IT!!

We are in South Carolina on sand and think it would be perfect!

Good afternoon,

  I am the owner of a very new boarding kennel. ( opened Jan 2010) and I love the kennels that we currently have, but I was thinking when I expand ( as many of our customers think I should) I would like to get some indoor/outdoor kennels, I saw your waste management box and thought what a wonderful idea, I would like to get more info.

Thank you for your time, and please email me at your convenience. I love the way you include your pets and the boarders in your videos too.. 

Have a Blessed day


Thank You Angelo for your time and the tour of your Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort.
We can tell you have put a lot of time and fore thought in to this pet resort.
We look forward to our KT's first visit in June with confidence in you and your facility.
I enjoyed your web site and all of the information and video. You have left little to question.

Thanks again

Terry and Kathy 
Angelo: We just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with Bed & Biscuit! Izzy and Jerzy are both recent rescues and haven’t had a lot of socialization with other dogs or people. We were a little apprehensive about leaving them for overnight in a strange place. However, thanks to your taking time to “get acquainted” with them while we were still there and allowing Izzy especially to warm up to you, we left with no reservations at all. The girls must’ve had a wonderful time as when we arrived to pick them up they were very nonchalant about seeing us! 

 Your facility is absolutely immaculately clean and state of the art. Your love of dogs is evident in every aspect of Bed & Biscuit and in talking with you. We want to thank you for a great experience this weekend for our girls!


 Boynton & Loma 
I wanted to take a second and thank Angelo for taking good care of my female German Shepherd, Suka, while I was away from home for two weeks handling a family emergency. Angelo not only provided great boarding service for Suka, he spent extra time with her behavior issues including separation anxiety and socialization. He included her in morning socializing class. He also put her through his hiking/desensitizing course with his own shepherds. I saw a great improvement in Suka and appreciate Angelo’s willingness to take the extra time to help her. 
I have been a local law enforcement officer for almost 20 years, and there are not many people I would trust with my German Shepherd. But for my dog, Angelo will always be that person. He is a very professional trainer and I highly recommend his services. His services and facility are top notch. 
Lt. John  


We wanted to say thank you very much for taking such good care of our dogs. 

It is reassuring to know we are leaving our dogs in such good hands and when we collect them, we can really see just how happy and content they are! 

We are always so impressed with your kennels and how well you know each of our dog's personalities. Thank you also to Dorothy for being so kind and affectionate to Archie! 

Thanks again.


Dorothy & Archie