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My Dogs
Most people who have had pets hold special memories of a particular one. Bucky was one of my favorites. She taught me more about caring for dogs than the many I’ve raised over the past thirty years. Bucky was a bulldog terrier cross with a comical personality and a love for people. She lived sixteen years in spite of developing severe allergies when she was five years old. Caring for her and a yard of twenty five dogs compelled me to develop a kennel that would maximize efficiencies. Observing Bucky’s medical problems and the general behavior of other dogs inspired me to develop a kennel that would accommodate their natural instincts and special needs. Love for Bucky and my other dogs fuels my desire to continue designing and building innovative environments for my own dogs as well as guests at Bed and Biscuit.   
Bucky  R.I.P
I have a passion for working dogs including Bulldogs, terriers, and all types of shepherds.
​This is Cloe, a 9 ½ lb. Pat/Lakey terrier. She is a teeny tiny girl with huge aspirations to take over the world. 
​This is Jesse, a Booth bred Patterdale terrier. She is Cloe`s best friend and a very good tracking dog.
Jax is a highly trained Dutch Shepherd/Mal Cross, watch Jax in action on my training page. 
Roxie   Z  Dragon
Arwen Is a beautiful sable Czech shepherd.
Arwen  Z  Dragon
Lottie Is a Dutch shepherd, you can see her in action on my training page.