Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort is designed, built, and owned  by me, Angelo Lombardi. I began working with dogs in 1983 while working as an auto technician and metal fabricator. Using these technical skills, I built a hobby kennel for my personal dogs in 1990.  As I acquired more dogs and began boarding pets for other people, I started experimenting to correct the flaws in conventional kennel design and construction. The goal was to design a boarding kennel that reduces stress and is efficient, healthy and safe. Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort represents years of experiments and experience resulting in many innovations including concrete and steel partition walls and my waste management box system. These and other new ideas are documented in my build videos that you can view on this web site. 

Safety comes first at Bed & Biscuit.  Multiple levels of security include panels above each kennel to prevent dogs from climbing out. Solid partition walls separate each kennel. A secure eight foot perimeter fence keeps dogs contained and protected when they're in the play areas.  As an added security measure I live onsite, right next door, so I can give personal attention and care to my guests. 

Like humans, animals have preferences when it comes to comfort.  That's why I designed Bed & Biscuit with multiple ways of boarding dogs. They can have accommodations that are entirely inside, entirely outside (with a dog house), or inside with access to outside runs. While Bed & Biscuit offers ample opportunity for guests to play and socialize, each pet can retreat to its own private space where it can have its own toys, eat when and what it likes, and sleep in its own bed.  Privacy reduces stress.

When they're away from home, some dogs have bathroom anxiety and can lose their house training.  That's why I designed a unique area within each kennel where pets can relieve themselves comfortably.  I call this my waste management box system.  Although I designed it to keep pets healthy and comfortable, I also aimed to conserve water and respect the environment.  Click on Build Video Two to see how it works.

Bed & Biscuit welcomes dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and ages including puppies.  Living onsite, I can accommodate your schedule for drop-off and pickup. 

Call me if you'd like a personal tour of Bed & Biscuit.   I'm usually busy caring for my guests so please call ahead to schedule an appointment. 
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